By Rita Eyremandi

Our two friends Elita and Jaja decide to visit “La Cité du Vin” de Bordeaux.

Ranked 7th among the best museums in the world by «National Geographic», this place is dedicated to wine as a cultural, universal and living heritage.

Taking line B of the tram, they arrive at the maritime port of Bordeaux where the Cité du Vin is built. In view of its original shape and roundness, Elita can not help taking several photos. The architecture recalls the vine and the wine turning in the glass.

Elita and Jaja enter the building on the ground floor with free access. This level is home to a 14,000 bottle vinotheque from 70 countries, a boutique and a brasserie-snack café.

After taking their tickets, Elita and Jaja go up to the 1st floor which offers temporary exhibitions, a reading room, wine discovery workshops and an auditorium with 250 seats. The heart of the visit is located on the second floor.
Equipped with an electronic travel companion, Elita and Jaja begin an immersive and multi-sensory journey in twenty thematic spaces to discover wine.

After this exciting trip that lasts about two hours, Elita and Jaja decide to go to the panoramic restaurant «Le sept» located on the seventh floor.

Then, our friends go to the 8th floor where a belvedere offers them 35 meters high, a magnificent panoramic view of Bordeaux. Included in the ticket price, a tasting of a glass of wine is offered to our friends. And so a little «drunk» Elita and Jaja are delighted with their visit to this emblematic place of Bordeaux.