The Youth Camp and Exchange Program (YCE) was established in 1961 and brings to life the ideal of global citizenship. Each year, this program gives thousands of young people from around the world the opportunity to experience life in other cultures and gain a new understanding of the world by traveling abroad. Unlike some youth exchange programs, YCE does not involve university studies or employment.

Instead, participants are encouraged to take this travel opportunity to represent their home country and share their own culture while learning and adopting a new culture, paving the way to become young ambassadors of peace and international understanding.

YCE consists of various Lions youth exchanges and/or Lions youth camps organized by Lions clubs around the world. A Lions youth exchange lasts between three and six weeks. It can be foster families in countries without camps. Lions youth camps last one to two weeks and typically include a homestay before and/or after camp.

Activities for exchanges and camps may include visits to places of cultural or natural interest, sporting events, country presentations by participants, guided discussions and even engagement in local service projects alongside Lions club members.

Lions involved in YCE are commited to:

  • Bringing people from different countries into meaningful contact with each other
  • Exchanging ideas and cultural viewpoints
  • Promoting international understanding and goodwill
  • Working towards the goals of world peace and human understanding
  • Encouraging respect in young people for the thinking of others
The Youth Camp and Exchange Program (YCE) may be the opportunity for youth, who:
  • Are ready to embark on a life changing adventure that will open your mind and heart
  • Are curious about other cultures and ways of life
  • Want to develop your skills in a second language
  • Like to cultivate new friendships with individuals that have different backgrounds, beliefs and customs than them.
YCE participant will :
  • Live with a family in another country
  • Meet people your age from around the world
  • Learn about your Lions hosts’ humanitarian work
  • Deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you
  • Learn about the bonds we all share – and the differences we respect in each other no mater where we live

YCE committee chairpersons

YCE Commission Chairs are members of Lions clubs who have been appointed to lead the various YCE regional programs around the world and are dedicated to making this program a success.

Contact details of the YCE Committee Chairs and all information about the camps and exchange opportunities are available on the Lions International YCE website >>

During the Europa Forum, the meeting of YCE Presidents from European countries takes place in the presence of guests from all over the world! In previous editions participated representatives of the JCE from Australia, Brasilia, India, Mexico and the United States.

In addition to the general programme of the Forum, the Forum’s YEC programme includes:

      • A meeting and training dinner for YCE delegates
      • Meetings with presentations and discussions on the camps and exchanges (reports, rules…)
      • The “Bazaar”, a meeting where countries share and conclude agreements on camp sites

Your YCE correspondent for the Europa Forum 2024 in Bordeaux is Isabelle Rolland-Francès. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.