WELCOME to Bert Mason Young Ambassador Competition

The Young Ambassador’s Lions program is present throughout Europe and is part of the Lions initiative «Opportunities for Youth».

It is a competition that rewards young people between the ages of 15 and 19 for their exceptional involvement in community service, leadership achievements and communication skills. Candidates must present a social action project to a jury of 3 people (teacher, social, education, industry professionals, etc.).

In 2023 at the Europa Forum in Klagenfurt, Flossie Donnely (Irland D 133) won the first prize with a waste collection and recycling project on the Irish beaches.


The passage before the jury is only in English but a translator is authorized. A group of people can also submit their candidacy but only one speaker passes before the jury.

On the 1st day, the oral service is done in camera, no electronic media is allowed but visual media (banners) can be brought.

On the second day, the candidates present their project to the public.

The first 3 winners receive a cheque dedicated to their project. The amounts and the rules of procedure are being amended at European level.

Each country of the European Forum is invited to present its finalist of the next edition of the Young European Ambassadors Award Programme. Only the finalists of the national competition can participate. Further information on the competition can be obtained from the local Youth Ambassador Officer or the European Youth Ambassador Committee.


The aim of the Young Ambassador award is twofold:
• Recognize, encourage and support young people who are actively involved in the welfare of the community
• Raise the profile of Lions and increase our own service activities

In order to recognize these young people, a competition between European finalists will take place at the annual Europa Forum. Awards will be made to the winning finalists.


1. To be eligible, finalists must be no younger than 15 and no older than 19 on 30th June in the year Europa Forum is held.

2. Each member of the Europa Forum may nominate one and only one participant for the competition. 3. Forum members are countries or states as defined in Article III – Rules of Procedures of the Europa Forum. 4. Finalists must be registered with the Chairman of the European Commitee by the end of July in the year of the competition, using the application form provided. 5. The finalists’ costs for atending the competition will be the responsibility of the entering members.


Each finalist will be interviewed by three judges. The judges are “not-Lions”, male and female, from the service sector, education and Industry. They will mark the finalists on the community service activity, personality and leadership qualities, use of the prize money and the ability to speak about their service activity.


The prizes will be awarded as follows and are required to be spent on their project:

1st prize: 3.500 EUR

2nd prize: 2.500 EUR

3rd prize: 1.500 EUR

You can find the detailed information in the files Rules of Procedure of the Lions European Young Ambassador Award >> and the Application Form YAA 2024

Your correspondent for the Bert Masson Young Ambassador contest for the Europa Forum 2024 in Bordeaux is Anne-Laure Francès, National President LEO 2023-2024. Feel free to contact us for more information.