The word of ethics

by Anne Mahieu

We Lions are transmitters. The transmitters is the one who overcomes obstacles, who carries the will to help, to render service. To be a trasmitter is to be generous. The attitude of a Lions? To be strong with a creative heart, full of joy and paying attention to others.  A Lions communicates a rich and deep energy. 

Lions have an aspiration deep within them.

Are we still convinced that living together is better? 

Are we able to see our completeness, to consider the state of poverty in which we would be if we lived isolated from each other?

We Lions hold for universal the values of justice, respect, freedom, tolerance, cooperation. We feel empowered to celebrate them, to spread them and on their behalf to fight what threatens them. It is that they translate what is required by and for every human being to stand in humanity.

We know that friendship is not just about being close to others, about getting to know each other.

She calls to take care of each other.

To go together, we must want to know the other, its frame of reference, its cultural universe, its ties, its uses.

 Even if society is shaken, even if separatism and the pretensions of some threaten to fragment the social body, we know, we Lions, that human beings cannot be fulfilled in withdrawal, we are of relational essence.

Friendship is not a false subject. Everyone thinks about it, everyone, or at least most of us, Lions.