By Jean Noël Castagnet et Patrice Merlin

NOTHING IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT CLUBS. Like last year, the 2023 session is a beneficiary, although the unit price of €750 was maintained, despite current inflation, thanks to drastic cost management.

Although a significant diversification effort has been undertaken (under-leasing of premises, optimization of expenses), the bulk of the funding comes from the participation of clubs.

LOANS FOR 2024 This year 2023 saw the replacement of the 12 windows of the dormitory of 6-8 years, 5 tent canvases for the dormitories of 9-12 years, the purchase of an industrial washing machine, the standards of the barnum meal, etc. , which would suggest a year 2024 less heavy in investment. But the storm passed over the center which caused the fall of trees and branches and seriously damaged the barnum meal (estimates are being evaluated).

Other works are planned, including the last tent canvas, 8 pairs of shutters for the dormitory of 6-8 years, purchases of mattresses and cabinets for the dormitories. We will do everything to maintain the price of 750€ per child but without any certainty…