By Anne Mahieu

The Forum is a project, this type of project that strengthens and consolidates the friendship that connects Lions in order to offer all Lions the discovery of our region. We are mobilizing so that these days are in the image of our region, open, hospitable, generous, joyful.

Like a great puzzle that is created through our differences of perceptions, life experiences, harmony, balance and union between Lions, which must first be lived from the inside to be visible from the outside.

What would be the value and scope of our word if we were to tend to think in the same direction? When the people who come together think the same thing, they don’t think anymore….

Moments of sharing, thoughts nourished by this alchemy of perceptions, intuitions, reflections, knowledge specific to each Lions, hence our words sometimes hesitant in development or very impactful.

We, Lions, have the privilege and responsibility of being brought together to share what we think and even more to think what we share.