By Rita Eyremandi

Our two friends Elita and Jaja decide to take a cruise on the Garonne. After boarding the boat «Le Sicambre», Elita and Jaja pass under the Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge, named after a former mayor of Bordeaux.

It is the largest lift bridge in Europe.

The structure put into service in March 2013, allows the daily crossing of the Garonne by 25,000 vehicles and 15,000 cyclists on average while preserving river and maritime traffic.

The bridge is 575 metres long with a 117-metre lift span surrounded by four 77-metre high steel pylons. In high position, the lift span is located 55 meters above the bed of the Garonne, which allows the passage of large boats.

On board the Sicambre, Elita and Jaja, while admiring the Levant Bridge, enjoy a glass of Bordeaux wine before sitting down at the boat’s restaurant.

What a nice ride!