an invitation to “better living together”

by Josiane Perez

«Ensemble», an adverb that is about to have its nobility in lionism since after the «Ensemble, tout est possible» of our past international president Brian Sheehan, it is the «Mieux vivre ensemble» which illustrates the logo of the Europa Forum 2024.

Represented in the lower part of the pennant of the Europa Forum of Bordeaux by a beautiful red heart enclosed in the arms of two bodies stylized in yellow, this slogan is intended to encourage a positive and harmonious evolution in a society where we exist with each other, without really trying to “live better together”…

The human diversity that makes up our society has its stumbling blocks and among them, without being exhaustive, racism, religion, disability, homophobia, so many pitfalls that could become levers to achieve this «better living together».  On a daily basis they are sources of conflicts more or less heavy to manage while Knowledge, Culture, openness to other horizons, meetings and exchanges could be ways to unify and tie the diversities of any kind.

Accepting difference so as not to fall into indifference and “live better together” in a world of differences, is this not the best way to live your life as a Leo?

 It is this path that is proposed to the reflection of all those who want to enrich their lives by always going further in listening to others in a spirit of peace, tolerance and sharing.

From 23 to 26 October 2024 the Europa Forum in Bordeaux opens their arms wide!