By Jean Paul et Marie Christine TAVIN

Lillet© is an aperitif based on wine produced in Podensac, near Bordeaux. It is based on 85% wine, 15% fruit liqueurs and quinquina. Fruit liqueurs are obtained by macerating for several weeks in fruit peel alcohol, such as sweet orange and bitter orange. It is traditionally aged in oak barrels.

The Lillet© is the «French aperitif» par excellence! It comes in White, Red and Rosé. Each has its specificity and typicity.

Lillet© is also a story! The company Lillet (liquorist and wine merchant) founded in 1872 in Podensac, Gironde launches into the production of Lillet blanc.

In 1887, the company decided to produce the Lillet Blanc. Bordeaux being a wine stronghold, a certain father Kermann decides to try the amazing mixture. It mixes quinquina liqueur with local wines. It is from this base that this wine started which then conquered Europe then the world during the Roaring Twenties.

In the 1950s, Lillet became the trendy drink of New York thanks to an effective advertising campaign. It was then popularized by the Duchess of Windsor, who gave it its chic and glamorous touch.

It is eaten fresh, straight out of the refrigerator. On ice with a slice of orange, lemon or lime, but also as a cocktail (the best known being the «Vesper» immortalized by James Bond….)

Be careful, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health…. Consume in moderation