President Europa Forum, Immediat past International Director

This newsletter is sent to the European governors, I count on you to send it every month to the members of your districts, so that they are aware.

The Europa Forum, which will take place in October 2024, will allow us to meet and discuss among ourselves what has been done or can be done: for example in Klagenfurt, an update was made on the generator operation in Ukraine, and also on the operations carried out in Africa.

These exchanges give us ideas, because many go further.

So I am sure that now October 24-25-26 are marked in your calendars in red to be present in Bordeaux and live this unforgettable experience, especially since a number of you will not be able to go to the International Convention, considering remoteness and cost… The Europa Forum is there to provide a kind of supplement. You can meet our international leaders easily and chat with them, they are there for you.

Check the europaforum2024 Bordeaux site regularly for information, do not delay to register to have hotels near, so in Bordeaux le Lac, and benefit from an «early booking» – early registration.

If you want to have arguments to develop for your members, repeat the article I made in the October newsletter,
We are waiting for you to make you live extraordinary moments in a friendly atmosphere!