Bordeaux Capital of Wine


For the first time in the world in 1999, a vineyard is recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. It is a vineyard of more than 2000 years, one of the most famous in the world.

In the eighth century, a young Breton monk discovers the village of Ascumbas. He settles there in a cave where he made spring. Recognized by all, the little monk who worked many other miracles, left his name in the village after his death: it is Saint Emilion!

The village grew, and although protected from ramparts from the beginning of the thirteenth century, the kingdoms of France and England, Protestants and Catholics, argued successively throughout the Middle Ages.

In today’s Saint Emilion, we feel all this history and from the top of the Tour du Roy, it is the glare as far as the eye can see: magnificent landscapes of vineyards that will be covered with gold leaves in the fall.

In Saint Emilion, wine is passion, wine is everyone’s life and often a family story.

In 1990, in love with their terroir, Brigitte and Philippe Tribaudeau gave up their jobs as molecular biologist and lawyer to develop their delicious St Emilion Grand Cru, in total respect with nature.

Last October, the property obtained an important label for «highlighting environmental practices» by transforming the roof terrace into a real bird observatory: no need for explanations, just taste and watch.

The tits and other birds, become real «workers» of the vines, fighting against insect pests and thus limiting the use of pesticides. This is the secret of organic, biodynamic farming at Château Mauvinon!

Vineyard by vineyard, focusing on places and families, we will meet again in the coming months, for new discoveries.

Isabelle Rolland-Francès