By Rita Eyremandi

Our two friends Elita and Jaja decide to visit Les Bassins des Lumières in Bordeaux.

After taking Line C of the TRAM and Bus No 9, they arrive on the old submarine base built by the Germans during the Second World War.

The former giant bunker has become, since June 2020, the largest digital art center in the world with 12,000 m2 of projection area, 90 projectors and 80 enclosures.

The basins and walls are huge living canvases and offer Elita and Jaja a unique visual and sound experience dedicated to the Art of the great Dutch painters entitled «De Vermeer à Van Gogh» for October 2024.

Les Bassins des Lumières is equipped with a mezzanine, a stage and bleachers.

Our two friends delve into the works of the great masters. The exhibition also allows Elita and Jaja to address the work of Piet Mondrian, the Dutch painter and colour architect, recognized as one of the pioneers of abstraction.

Then, our friends walk along the Flemish canals in the footsteps of the artists. After taking «full eyes», Elita and Jaja end their visit by passing in the Cube, contemporary art space of 220 m2 in the immersive cistern to discover digital exhibitions, as well as in the museum of the history of the underwater base.

After this exciting journey that lasted about two hours, Elita and Jaja are delighted with their visit to the Bassin des Lumières in Bordeaux.