By Loic Laine, Delegate National Communication Commission

The Lions International Centre district brings together the clubs of the departments of the heart of France and the Ligérien axis. This district is distinguished by its network of 71 active clubs, distributed in cities and municipalities of the Centre and Nièvre region, each carrying the mission of the Lions Club: We Serve. This geographical diversity is reflected in the actions and initiatives of the clubs, adapted to the specific needs of their local communities while participating in campaigns of national and international scope. In 2023 the clubs of the District Centre conducted 650 actions that raised €1.4 million.

The clubs of the Centre district are involved in a multitude of social and humanitarian actions. Among the flagship initiatives are the Babies of the Heart, an emblematic operation aimed at supporting families in difficulty by providing them with equipment and essential products for their newborns. This action underscores the Lions Club’s commitment to the most vulnerable in our society.

The collection of used glasses is another remarkable action of the district, allowing to give a second life to glasses by sending them to Médico so that they are redistributed in developing countries, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life through better vision.

In cultural terms, the clubs of the Centre district are distinguished by the organization of painting exhibitions, concerts and plays. These events, beyond their artistic value, are often opportunities to raise funds to support the actions of Lions International, creating a bridge between culture and solidarity.

Commitment in favor of Health

Health is another central pillar of the Central District’s initiatives, with actions such as vision screening and diabetes screening, highlighting the importance of prevention in public health. Operations such as Tulips Against Cancer and Yellow Roses Against Alzheimer’s are innovative and symbolic fundraising campaigns, illustrating the ability of clubs to mobilize communities around major causes.

Major Event

A highlight for the Centre district will be the reception of the Lions Club National Convention, which will be held from May 23 to 25, 2024 in Orléans. This national event will bring together members from across France to share, learn and celebrate the achievements of the year, strengthening the link between Lions across the country.