By Marie Christine et Jean Paul Tavin

It’s a beautiful novel, it’s a beautiful story!

In the midst of the COVID pandemic and in the midst of lockdown, District 103 SO Lions were struggling, from visio to visio, deprived of their traditional sales and their statutory meals. We had to find something, remotivate the troops.

Claude Mermet, young and dynamic Governor launched the idea of the Bus de la Vue. A tight-knit and motivated team set to work, overcoming obstacles and dispelling doubts.

Formalization of the project, costing and specifications, provisional budget, layout and equipment plan of the vehicle, solicitation of LCIF grant, and Lions de France Foundation, financing of District clubs, institutional and private support… In 9 months everything was ready, the vehicle delivered and financed!

A good example of what a handful of motivated Lions can achieve by activating the different levels of our movement.

Bus Lions de la Vue du Sud Ouest is a mobile eye clinic. It reaches out to fragile populations far from the care pathway, for economic, geographical, psychological reasons: the Forgotten of the Sight. Medical consultations are provided by a volunteer ophthalmologist.

Each year, the Bus de la Vue carries out forty days of screening and serves nearly 2,500 people. It intervenes on our District 103 SO but also in the neighboring districts.

This is a great SERVICE ACTION.

In addition to working to improve the visual health and sight of the most precarious, the BLVSO allows by its only presence on the roads it crosses, in the countryside, suburbs and downtown, to display the presence of the Lions Club and its active involvement in serving the population.